Twin 5050 Foam & Powder Based Fire Extinguishers


TWIN5050 is Mobile Foam and Powder Fire Extinguisher with Nitrogen propellant Cylinder. This Fire Extinguisher is manufactured by the company SAFEX FIRE SERVICES LTD. that is in operation since 1972 and is ISO 9001 certified. The qualitative standards fixed are achieved through a careful selection and rating of the suppliers and through continuous and strict quality controls of all the components in compliance with the ISO 2859-1 standard.

All the components used in Manufacturing the Fire Extinguishers are purchased from major Indian Manufactures.


The Foam Cylinder is made of Mild steel, while the one containing the Powder is made of Mild steel, both tested at 35kgf/cm2. A large-diameter threaded ring nut is welded at the top of the cylinders for easy charging and internal inspection during periodic testing. To the ring nut is screwed a forged brass cap with built-in safety valve of the type with calibrated spring made of stainless steel so as to guarantee calibration in time and even in the worst atmospheric conditions. In the rear part of the trolley is fixed the pressurization, control and discharge unit consisting of a Nitrogen Cylinder EKC tested at 250 bars 6.8 Ltr. charged at 200 bars and having a rapid opening valve for quick pressurization of the powder and foam cylinders.
The discharge of Nitrogen for the pressurization is controlled by an intermediate pressure reducer calibrated at 12 bars so as to obtain a uniform discharge at constant pressure. Two on-off valves placed between the reducer and the cylinders can allow independent pressurization of the two Cylinders. The cylinders are pressurized for around 1 5 seconds, after which the spray guns can be used for discharging the powder and the foam. The discharge is controlled by means of two spray nozzles made of light alloy/plastic with ergonomically designed handgrip for an easy and rapid grip. The spray nozzles are fed by two plastic hoses. Each of 19mm diameter and 5m long. And offer maximum agility and ease of handling to the operator. The unit is charged with ABC 50 % Powder, compatible with the AFFF 6% Film-Forming Foam.


This Mobile Fire Extinguisher is used in large fires of any class A, B, or C type, of vertically stored goods and of Inflammable Liquids that can spread on the surface. Normally it is used by first discharging the foam to knock down the high flames and then if necessary using the powder, compatible with the foam, to immediately put out already red uced flames.

Technical Data