Trolley Mounted Foam Based Fire Extinguishers

Safex is one of the most dedicated company in manufacturing reliable, high quality fire fighting equipment and accessories forvarious safety requirements now bring you.

Salient Features

The one man Trolley Mounted Mobile From Unit. Foam is used because water (in most cases) proves ineffective in uenching hydrocarbon liquid based fires in petroleum, chemical and other similar industries.

  • Unit comes complete with hose, inductor  and branch pipe foam compound optional
  • One man operation
  • Extremely mobile
  • Virtually instantaneous operation
  • Suitable for any type of foam
  • Available in various alternative arrangements.





Material Of Construction

Technical Details:
Working pressure – 7kg/sq cm to 1 Okg/sq cm Max allowable back pressure: 65% of inlet pressure Hydraulic test pressure: 25kg/sq cm for 5 mins


Type A

The hose has the outer lining of predominantly cotton; a natural fibre; which does not support combustion. Remains unaffected by flame.
The cotton jacket withstand high temperatures. Hot radiators and hot surfaces has no effect on it.
In India, high quality cotton is widely available, which is not flammable. Punches the imported technology hollow!
In the event of combustion Type A hose produces no dangerous gases or fumes.
Type A hoses are lighter in handling.
Smaller coil diameter.

Type A

The outer/inner lining of PVC Nitrite compound catches fire in mere candle flame! The actual five fighting operation can be highly risky.
The lining compound melts at relatively low temperatures. Contract with hot radiators and surfaces cab be dangerous.
The so called ‘imported technology’ is merely an expensive alternative to cover the polyester filament with PVC Nitrite blend to protect the polyester jacket in side, which melts at low temperatures.
On combustion, the PVC Nitrite com pound produces dangerous nitrous gases and fumes. Obviously a health hazard.
TheType B hose are heavier the Type A.
Higher coil diameter.